Residential Aide


The core responsibility of the Residential Aide (RA) includes the continued assurance of the safety and security of the clients within the facility.  Under the general direction of the Shift Supervisor, with some latitude for independent action, the RA provide direct assistance, support, and care to clients residing in the facility as well as supporting, assisting, and enforcing facility rules. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES including the following.  Other duties may be assigned:

· Complete new resident Intake arrival packets, exits logs, daily occupancy forms.

· Utilizing the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Client Assistance and Rehousing 

      Enterprise Systems (CARES) to complete Intake Check-in, Discharge Conditional Intake 

      Review, Nightly Attendance Roaster Incident reports. 

· Receive food deliveries and confirm items received/receipts for accuracy by signing and 

      dating form.  

· Report all inconsistencies with food deliveries to appropriate Shift Supervisor and Director of 

      Program Operations.

· Distribute meals to residents and dispose of expired food items as outlined by DHS’ Food 

      Distribution Guidelines.

· Monitor logs to ensure clients are signing the Daily Attendance Roster when entering and 

       exiting the facility.

· Ensure compliance with CRF- Incident Report Policy.

· Document all incident details, participants, action taken and outcomes.

· Ensure timely reporting, appropriate completion, and submission of all incidents.  

· Ensure all incidents are logged, filed in the incident binder, and signed by the Program 

      Director, DPO, and DSS.

· Reports incidents of child abuse/neglect to the State Central Registry, the Program Director, 

      DSS and DPO.

· Ensure all visitors are properly identified, recorded in the visitor’s logbook and an email sent 

      to the Program Director, DSS and Director of Program Operations.   

· Provide clients access to units.

· Assist in the facilitation and completion of unit transfers/swaps.

· Collaborate with Social Services staff and Security personnel in managing onsite incidents.

· Collect trash in office and dispose trash in designated areas.

· Distribute DHS notices (i.e. 4002 notices, appointment slips, mail, etc.) to residents. 

· Adhere to DHS housekeeping mandates by cleaning office space, microwave, 

      refrigerator, and bathroom at the end of every shift; always maintain a clean and neat 

      office space.

· Empty, clean and prepare units for vacancies bag and tag client materials where needed and 

       submits work order to Hotel Management Team. 

· Work with CRF Directors to report all activities on-site including visits and incidents.

· Collaborates with on-site Security Personnel to ensure a safe and secure environment for all 

      staff and clients.

· Conduct hourly rounds of the facility to ensure all unit doors are secured, no children are left 

       onsite unattended.

· Must be able to rotate shift at the discretion of the DPO to meet the needs of the program.

· Conduct Operations unit inspections during the new Intake process 

· Maintain all logs (School attendance, ACS, emergency contacts, sign in/ out logbook and 

       submit logs on the 1st of every month to Director of Program Operations.

· On the1st of every month create a dead file of all the logs to be submitted for storage.        

As Assigned Duties and Responsibilities (Include but not limited to): 

• Dressed in full uniform

• Review with Shift Supervisor all paperwork and logs completed during previous shift before the end of tour. 

• Physically check all unoccupied units to determine status (ready, repairs needed, needs cleaning).

• Ensure all clean and ready units have clean linens and towels.

• Complete and submit all paperwork (daily occupancy, exit logs, meal census, NSR, new intake, curfew violations, incidents etc.)

• Serve breakfast 8:00am to 10:00am, Lunch 12:00pm to 2:00pm and Dinner 6:00pm to 8:00pm.     

• Finalize Night Signature Roster (NSR) in CARES.

• Place School Attendance Log on desk and remove  

• Ensure Monthly new logs for the month are in place

• Receive and log incoming meals usually at 6:00am

• Deliver mail on the 7:00am and 3:00pm shifts

• Clocking in using ADP and sign-in via logbook.     

• Required to work additional shifts to ensure coverage when staff is on vacation or calls out sick.  


Education: High School diploma or GED

Experience:  A minimum of two (2) years’ experience in commercial and/or residential services.  Successfully completed 2 hour Mandated Reporter training course and Serve Food Handlers course (both can be completed upon hired).  First Aid-CPR and three (3) months of hire.  

Related Skills: Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Other Requirements (including Physical Demands)

• Ability to think and act calmly in emergency situations. 

• Ability to work with a team.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.