Shift Supervisor

Bronx, NY


The Shift Supervisor is responsible for assuring the general welfare, security, and safety of the clients, staff, and facility.     


  1. Responsible for the direct supervision of the Residential Aides working on their shift. Train, coach and monitors performance of Residential Aides.
  2. Monitors/observes performance of Security Guards and reports performance issues to the DPO and Program Director.
  3. Ensure the utilization of the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Client Assistance and Rehousing Enterprise Systems (CARES) to complete and submit Nightly Signature Roster and Finalize in CARES, new resident arrival packets, exits logs, daily occupancy forms are submitted in accordance with CRF, DHS, and OTDA mandates.
  4. Reviews all documents, forms, etc. completed by the Residential Aide to ensure the thorough and accurate completion of all required documentation, forms, etc.
  5. Complete crib audits to assess for “Safe Sleeping” compliance and report findings.
  6. Ensure the appropriate number of cribs are on reserve at site.
  7. Ensure office, office equipment and bathrooms are clean and properly maintained.
  8. Completes and submits the Shift Summary Report. E-mails report to the Program Director, DPO, ADSS and Regional Directors.
  9. Conduct Quality Assurance to ensure critical files are up-to-date, and regulatory compliance (All new forms are in the appropriate binders CRF, DHS and OTDA mandates.
  10. Conduct regularly scheduled meetings with Residential Aides.
  11. Respond to emergencies in an appropriate and professional manner.
  12. Ensures the implementation of established DHS and CRF policies and procedures.
  13. Collaborate with Security officers to help maintain a safe environment for employees, clients, and visitors.
  14. Submits inventory request of office supplies and documents when received.
  15. Coordinates the serving of meals to the families and ensures proper disposal of uneaten meals.
  16. Ensure compliance with DHS and CRF Incident Reporting Procedures.  Must notify PD, DPO, and Regional Director(s) of all P1 incidents.
  17. Review incident reports for accuracy, clarity and confirmation of appropriate action taken.  Submits incident reports timely.
  18. Confirm that RAs are properly completing their assigned duties, such as hourly rounds and maintaining a professional appearance.
  19. Review the logbook and certify by providing signatures that all shifts are signed for and properly filled out.
  20. Check that all onsite equipment is properly maintained.
  21. Follow up with the delivery of DHS correspondence (i.e., 4002 notices or appointment slips).
  22. Conduct unit inspections to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the client.
  23. Conducts “Report of Shift Meetings” with incoming Shift Supervisors to ensure continuity and follow through of communication internally and with DHS.
  24. Implements Fire prevention and other safety measures, must qualify for the appropriate Fire Safety Certification
  25. Be available to rotate shifts at the discretion of the DPO to meet the needs of the program.
  26. Assist with transferring clients in and out of the program, when required.
  27. Oversee the mail distribution process to ensure mail distribution procedures are followed.
  28. Must be available for mandatory overtime, when required and at times may need to arrive 15 minutes before or remain on-site 15 minutes at the end of your shift to participate in the Report of Shift meetings.
  29. Required to work additional shifts to ensure coverage when staff is on vacation or calls out sick. 
  30. Must follow the Dress Code (Uniform) policy.
  31. Prepare/Conducts Employee Appraisal Evaluation in a timely and thorough manner. Prepares written reports as required by the DPO, Program Director