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The Teacher is accountable for ensuring that the Child Care Program is a warm, nurturing, safe and loving environment for each child, where safe concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged and individually respected.  The Teacher will function as a team-leader, responsible for Teacher assistant (s).  This person, in the absence of the Child Care Director is responsible for the classroom operating on a sound basis, meeting legal and practical standards and objectives.


The Teacher reports to the Child Care Director and in the Child Care Director’s absence, the Lead/Head Teacher.


1. Train new staff in the procedures and practices used in the classroom.

2. Responsible for assisting the Childcare Director in ongoing training of staff through in-service training, staff meetings, and other so designated programs.

3. In the absence of the Director, supervise Assistant Teachers to carry out the daily activities of the program.


1. Plan, implement, and monitor curriculum that meets the emotional, physical, intellectual, and social needs of the children.

2. Give leadership to curriculum, evaluation and updating.

3. Stimulate staff with new ideas, resources, and materials.

4. Ensure that curriculum is in keeping with Icahn House childcare philosophy.

5. Introduce virtual activities, ideas and/or resources.


1. Provide handbook and relevant program updates for parent information.

2. Develop and maintain communication links with parents.

3. Encourage and provide a variety of ways for parents-volunteers to participate in the program.

4. Ensure that families are appropriately oriented into the Childcare Program.


1. Supervise and delegate responsibilities to staff as deemed necessary.

2. Maintain individual folders for each child containing evaluations, emergency numbers, and all personal information.

3. Maintain chaperones and volunteer lists.

4. Establish and maintain an attractive, clean, and safe physical environment.

5. Observe health and development of children, and report illness within the Program to the Director.

6. Complete necessary record keeping and reporting to contracted food service program.

7. Utilizing the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) - Client Assistance and Re-housing Enterprise System (CARES) complete incident reports as needed.

8. Work collaboratively with the Social Service Department to ensure that members of both teams are aware of any concerns/issues that have arisen with children in our care.


1. Promotes Icahn House Childcare Center’s philosophy and education objectives.

2. Supports the Center’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

3. Engages in promoting professionalism amongst staff and parents.

4. Engages in ongoing staff development to improve personal and professional skills.

5. Supports the professional growth and development of colleagues by sharing materials and information and providing helpful feedback and encouragement.

6. Attends staff meetings, workshops, and in-service training provided by Center.

7. Demonstrates a commitment to excellence in professional development. 


A. Bachelor’s Degree in child development, early childhood, elementary education and/or related fields such as, sociology, social science or;

B. Associates Degree in child development, early childhood, elementary education and/or related fields such as, sociology, social science, and Study Plan or;

C. Child Development (CDA) Certification and a study plan leading to an associates degree in early childhood education within 7 years; or

D. High School Diploma or (GED); nine college credits in early childhood education or child development; two years’ experience caring for children, and a study plan leading to an associate degree in early childhood education within 7 years; or

E. High School Diploma or (GED); and 5 years of supervised experience in an infant/toddler classroom if currently employed in a permitted childcare; or

F. High School Diploma or (GED); and a study plan that is acceptable to the department leading to 9 college credits in early childhood or childhood development within two years; and a plan study leading to an associate degree in early childhood education within 7 years if currently employed in a permitted childcare service.

G. Teacher’s Certification

H. Must obtain Department of Health Food Handler’s Certification within forty-five (45) days of being employed.

I. Must be available to rotate shifts and classroom assignment at the Director’s discretion, and/or as needs of the business require.